Jingmai "Purple Beauty" Black Tea

Jingmai "Purple Beauty" Black Tea

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An expertly fermented black tea made from the famous "Purple Beauty" Zi Juan 紫娟 varietal. Subtle appearance with an expansive taste! Hints of flowers and nectar combined with a deep orange red tea soup makes this tea a very unique experience. It's sweet and full of vanilla and honey notes, along with a mineral taste much like a Wu Yi Rock Oolong.

Purple Beauty tea trees are considered a small arbor/shrub, big leaf, medium bud variety. The tea trees have a half-open appearance with high branches and moderate branch density. Leaves grow with an upward slant.

Harvest in Jingmai area, Lancang county of Simao (Yunnan Province)

April 2018 Picking and processing

Varietal: Zi Juan 紫娟

Elevation: 1450-1500 meters