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Make your own tea!

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We offer you the possibility of designing your own tea, here there is the list of possible ingredients. You can start by choosing a base and mix it with up to 3 more ingredients!

You will receive your own tea in a package of 60 gr. which will allow you to make around 50 cups!

Choose a base between (this will be around 50% of your tea): 

- White tea

- Green tea

- Oolong tea

- Black tea

- Rooibos tea

- Yerba Mate


Now you can choose the added flavors (up to 3!):



Calendula petals


Clanwilliam Rooibos

Fruity with sweet notes

Cornflower Petals


Dried Ginger Root

Excellent clean taste with hot ginger finish

Egyptian Camomile

Fruity with a light floral flavour

Hibiscus Flowers

Sweet, honey-like tangy taste, similar to pomegranate or lemonade

Jasmine Petal & Flowers

Very mild, tending neutral

Lavender De Provence

Slightly pungent, distinctive flavour


Sweet, lemon taste without the normal lemon tang

Liquorice Root Pieces

Sweet with anise like character

Rose Hip

Mild and fruity with a slight tangy taste.

Sweet Orange Peel

Very mild, almost neutral character but with slightly tart, citric notes

Tuscany Rosebuds & Petals

A pleasant lingering finish enhanced with light floral notes