Mini Yunnan Tuocha Tea Mix
Mini Yunnan Tuocha Tea Mix

Mini Yunnan Tuocha Tea Mix

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If you are new to pu erh tea and have yet to discover the different types of aromas it offers, then this mini tuocha tea mix is the right place to start!

What is Tuocha?
Tuocha is a tea that is compressed in a 'dome-shaped bowl' and most often made of pu erh tea leaves. If you observe our product images you can see that it resembles a bird’s nest. This kind of shape helps to the tea dry out better after processing. Tuocha can range from a few grams to up to many kilograms. However, the term is also often used for small pu erh tea compressed in any kind of shape.The Chinese believe that the name tuocha originates from an old tea shipping and trading route of the Tuojiang River.

Experience Guide

Brown: Start off with the flat tuocha wrapped in brown paper to experience the classic taste of pu erh tea. Note: Don't underestimate those small tuocha teas. One piece can easily steep you several pots of tea. Instead of moving too fast from one color to the other, first strive to get as many steeps from each piece! Try to notice differences in flavor between the different steeps.

Red: Once you have fully processed the taste of the classic flavor, move on to the red wrapper. Unwrap, and you will see a cute, cube shaped pu erh tea. What's so unique about this one is that it has notes of oranges!

Blue: Next, is the blue paper wrapped toucha. If this is the first time for you trying out pu erh, then the taste of this one can come at a surprise. In China we call this aroma '糯米香': the fragrance of sticky rice, which is an unique feature that you will only find in pu erh teas.

Yellow: Last but not least, we finish our collection with yellow color wrapped tuocha. Similar to the blue wrapper, this mini tuocha also has the fragrance of sticky rice. The difference with the first three small tuochas is that this one is a 'sheng' type. Sheng pu erhs are characterized by a lighter and more refreshing flavor. Steep it slightly longer than the first three to let the flavor release a bit more. After this one, you'll find out whether you prefer a 'shou' (red, brown, blue) or 'sheng' (yellow) tuocha.